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    Chapter 236

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    At the office of the Patriarch in Lombardi.

    There was a brief silence between the two people, Shannanet and Rulac.

    Rulac's face, rubbing his bearded chin like a habit, darkened with worries about his granddaughter.

    Shannanet smiled a little at the sight.


    When Shannanet grew up, Rulac was very strict.

    Who knew that Rulac would change like this?

    "Don't worry too much."


    Despite Shannanet's soothing words, Rulac's complexion doesn't seem to ease.

    "Come to think about it, this is not a serious problem. Tia will be the head of Lombardi, so wouldn't they still see each other regularly because she needs to talk with the Second Prince? But..."

    The Emperor cannot leave the Empress seat vacant.

    So the Second Prince would have someone to sit next to him, and Tia would just watch the situation unfold.

    "Oh, God."

    Thinking that his granddaughter's heart would be torn, Rulac's insides seemed to go haywire.

    "Don't be so upset."

    Shannanet said, warmly covering the back of Rulac's hand.

    "But even now, Tia will be clearing her mind little by little. Angenas' work was very complicated. She must have run into the Imperial family."

    "Well, I don't know."

    Shannanet once again put a soft smile on her lips, she said.

    "I think Tia and the Second Prince will solve the problem well with the two of them."

    "Haha. Yes, maybe they will."

    Rulac stared at Shannanet's smiling face and laughed.

    "Tia would do that."

    It was an infinite trust with his granddaughter.

    "Then it would be nice to help her out with what we can do right now."

    Rulac said so and rose from his seat.

    "On your way out, tell Viege and Laurel to come, Shannanet."


    Wetter, a second-degree administrator standing next to Perez, swallowed a gulp  without knowing it.

    This was because it was the first time he had seen the Lady Lombardi, or the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi in person.

    Ryan, who was last sent to Ivan with the Prince of Wales and was promoted to first-degree administrator for his good work, always mentioned a person named Florentia Lombardi.

    He said that, 'She's the only one who can handle the Second Prince at will.'

    No matter how engaged they are.

    Your Highness the Second Prince is such a terrifying man that he does what he wants.

    But the moment he saw Lombardi's Deputy Patriarch who entered the office, he thought, 'I really might become so.'

    Her big green eyes were attractive, but she was emitting tremendous energy that her beauty could not be seen at the moment.

    She even had the famous Claryvan Pellet as if he were her personal secretary.

    Looking around the office, all the other administrators, except himself, were bowing politely as if they were oppressed by the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi.

    "Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi."

    Perez immediately rose from his seat and greeted Florentia.

    "Don't be so welcoming. I'm not here to say anything nice."


    Perez sat back in silence saying so, but administrator Wetter clearly saw.

    The corners of the Second Prince's mouth quietly turned upward and then quickly descended.

    Florentia took a seat on the opposite side of where Perez was sitting.

    The beards of the administrators who were working together in the office rose as Claryvan Pellet carefully packed the documents in front of her.

    His Highness the Second Prince and the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardo were so famous that every place where people gather these days is not an issue.

    Not to mention the Second Prince, who defeated the Empress and Angenas, was eventually nominated as Crown Prince. But it was the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi who was actually receiving more attention.

    'This history should be gorgeous.'

    A woman who transcends a generation and becomes the Lombardi successor.

    She is the daughter and sole heir of Gallahan Lombardi, the owner of the Gallahan clothing store, and the Lord of Chesail, who became the center of Eastern trade.

    And the most recently revealed real owner of the Pellet Corporation.

    When the last facts were revealed, she literally turned the Empire upside down.

    The story of the Brown family, who pushed Angenas out and became the new representative of the West, was pushed back.
    Rumors that have recently started to wander are that the Empress and Angenas have been doing so, but Lombardi, the Deputy Patriarch, played a big role.

    If that's true, then His Highness the Second Prince who will soon become the Crown Prince, and the Patriarch of Lombardi, were truly perfect political partners.

    Wetter, the oldest of the executives gathered here now, quickly settled behind Perez.

    But he wasn't too worried.

    'They were even engaged. What's the big deal?'

    Although the angry face of the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi was lingering on his mind, administrator Wetter took it easy thinking so.

    But then.

    "How on earth did the Imperial family manage their assets?"

    In a few words, Wetter's futile expectations were shattered.

    Florentia glared at Perez, dissatisfied with the documents handed over by Claryvan.

    "What is it?"

    Perez beckoned to Wetter, speaking in a clam voice.

    It meant to bring the documents.

    "One of the places where Angenas borrowed money included the Imperial family."
    Perez's red eyes briefly turned to the administrators.

    Seeing them sweating, it was obvious that they didn't have an answer.

    "It's a little less than 2,000 gold in total."

    Perez looked over the contents of the papers and said.

    "What do you want me to do, Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi?"

    Then Florentia said in a clerical voice, as if she had been waiting for the words.

    "The Royal family should give up the bonds."

    This time the administrators were stunned too.

    And began to read the faces of both Florentia and Perez.

    No matter how close you are, can you really say that to the royal family?

    No, is it okay because it's Lombardi?

    Still, he will soon become the Crown Prince.

    It hasn't been appointed yet, so is the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi in position is higher?

    All sorts of thoughts passed through the administrator's heads.

    And Tia began to pressure Perez.

    "The Empress and the Angenas owe this irresponsible debt because the Imperial family did not stop them and overlooked the situation."
    Although it was a little rough, there was no wrong words in what she says.

    "Under Imperial law, the Imperial bonds take precedence under any circumstance, So, the Emperor relinquished that right. It means to take responsibility for the Imperial negligence."

    No, it was very rough.

    There was a heavy silence in the office, but Florentia showed no sign of retreat.

    Rather, she was looking at Perez without even blinking.

    In any case, the Empress was a member of the Imperial family, and it was right for the imperial family to take responsibility for it.

    Accepting Tia's words, Perez nodded and replied.

    "...I'll do it."

    "But, Your Highness!"

    That kid!

    Wetter quickly looked at the young administrator standing near the doorway.

    It was Spio, a sixth-degree administrator who became an administrator a few months ago, and the person who voiced dissatisfaction with Perez's decision.

    Spio, who has just turned 20, had a lot of troubles with his surroundings because of his hot-tempered personality.
    That's how he ends up in trouble.

    Even His Highness the Second Prince had his face hardened and looked at Spio with cold eyes.

    Like it or not, Spio's chief executive officer, Wetter, closed his eyes tightly.

    Even if their ancestors bow, this angle is.

    "What are you dissatisfied with?"

    Florentia asked at Spio.

    It was quite interesting to see even a smile hanging around her lips.

    "That is..."

    Spio glanced at Perez and asked for permission.

    Florentia said to Spio.

    "I'm the one who asks, but you're looking at the wrong person. Look at me and talk to me."

    Wetter sighed quietly as he watched the situation.

    It was so sad that he did not understand the subtle power structure between the Imperial family and Lombardi.

    According to the law, the most superior figure at this place was, of course, the Prince.

    However, the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardu has more power than the Prince who has not been appointed as the Crown Prince yet.

    That's what she meant by what she said.

    'I am the highest person in this position.'
    Administrator Wetter urgently winked at Spio.

    Hurry up and answer the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi.

    "I'll take the liberty of telling you. I think---"

    "What's your name?"


    "I was suddenly curious about your name and position."

    "It's Ricky Spio, the sixth-degree administrator."

    "Yes, Administrator Spio. Let's keep talking."

    But Spio's face hardened.

    Just by saying the name, he felt a lot of pressure.

    It was as if he had a sense of responsibility that he had never had before.

    "Lo...Lombardi seems to be taking unfair profit."

    "Oh, unfair profit?"

    "Yes...It is also true that Empress's personal and arbitrary actions are held accountable by the entire Imperial family. So, in that way, to protect the bonds of the Pellet Corporation....It's the same."

    Gradually, the voice became more like the sound of an ant, but Administrator Spio said what he would say to the end.

    "Then what if I penalize Administrator Spio?"

    At Florentia's words, Spio flinched his shoulder.
    "Well...will you?"

    Then he looked at his boss, Wetter, with a crying face.

    Wetter quietly avoided his gaze.

    Then Florentia smiled and said to Claryvan.

    "Claryvan, give the Prince a proposal."

    Soon a document with a few sheets of paper was handed over to Perez.

    "The Pellet will receive only half of the amount returned to Angenas. I'll replace the rest with something else."

    "....Top of Durac?"

    "Yes, he says he is willing to do so under the condition that all business rights at the top of Durac are transferred to the Pellets. Pellet Top Stock, Prince."

    The administrators nodded unconsciously.

    At the time when the parent, Angenas, evaporated, Durac tops had no immediate cash value, but there was only one thing left to be useful.

    "You are referring to the Coroy Business."

    Perez said in a low voice.

    "It's a Coroy fabric on the top of Durac that my people are using. Pellet Corporation will take over and continue to produce it. We have a history of being in the Coroy business from the beginning, so you don't have to worry about it."
    "That would give us a lot of cash to go to other noble families."

    "The Pellet Corporation had the biggest bond, so I'm sure it does."

    Tia said it profoundly, as if she liked such a thing like that.

    Perez smiled furtively at her disingenuous attitude.

    "Do as you please, Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi."

    As Perez responded, Tia stood up from her seat.

    She meant she had nothing to do here anymore.

    And as she left her office, she paused for a moment and looked at the Administrator Spio and said.

    "Be careful not to act too hastily. The courage to say the right thing was commendable."

    "Oh, thank you."

    Administrator Spio quickly lowered his head, with his face turning red.

    In the office, which became quiet after Florentia left, Administrator Wetter found himself smiling and patted his face in bewilderment.

    And seeing the cold-blooded Prince smiling softly, he realized that his senior administrator, Ryan, was right.

    You really are the one who is holding on to that fearsome Prince.

    The way she resolve the conflict that could have risen between the royal family and the nobility was also very wise.
    And Administrator Wetter thought,

    'It would be great if that person would become the Empress in the future.'


    Viege's head was throbbing from the alcohol he drank all night.

    He gulped down the water in front of him, suppressing the inside of the pottery.

    Because he couldn't throw up while seeing his father after a long time.

    Rulac, who looked at Viege with complex eyes, slowly opened his mouth.

    "Now get out of the Lombardi mansion, Viege."

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