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    Chapter 233

    After the Empress was dragged away, Yovanes began to breathe even harder.

    Whenever he breathed in, he gave a lot of strength to his shoulders, and at a glance, one can see that he was in a much worse condition than before.


    Florentia called the Doctor, who stood quietly in the corner with a frightened face.

    "Oh, yes..."

    Only then did the Doctor rush up to Emperor Yovanes and hold a bottle of medicine in his hand.

    "To think that that person was sitting in the seat of the Empress."

    Even though he got a little better after taking the medicine, Yovanes was still busy swearing at Lavigne.

    In the eyes of others, Yovanes and Lavigne did not appear to be a very different kind of person.

    Yovanes was busy staring contemptuously at the place where the Empress was taken.

    Rulac, who sat on a chair near the bed and was looking at Yovanes with a pitiful heart for a moment, said in a quiet voice.

    "Tia, Second Prince. Get out for a second."

    "....I'll be nearby,"

    Perez answered so and went outside with Florentia.

    "Your Majesty."

    As soon as the door closed, Rulac opened his mouth.

    He didn't even intend to drag this conversation.

    He just wanted to take his Granddaughter back to the Lombardi mansion and lay down on his bed.

    "Do you want to punish Angenas?"

    "Of course, why ask?"

    Yovanes replied, drinking all the medicine and throwing an empty glass bottle.

    "On the map of this Empire, I will erase Angenas."

    Rulac shook his head in anger, justified only by himself.

    Even though the sins he had committed turn back to him and now, even breathing became a pain, Yovanes never realized anything.

    "How dare she bring their men into the palace. They're responsible for that too."

    He didn't think about why he was poisoned, and instead he was struggling about the fact that he was poisoned.

    That doesn't mean that Rulac had the affection to awaken the foolish emperor.

    'It might be better for him to do that.'

    At least the Second Prince is smart, unlike Yovanes.

    That's how Rulac made his judgement and started to pursue.

    "But wouldn't it be too much for you to do the work yourself?"

    "It's alright. If I take a few days off---."

    However, Rulac spoked without giving him a chance to respond properly to Yovanes, who was breathing and squinting.

    "Please appoint the Crown Prince."

    "The Crown Prince?"

    Yovanes frowned.

    It was a reaction that is so like Yovanes, who didn't want to share power with anyone.

    "It's time to change your mind, Your Majesty."

    But again, Rulac did not give the Emperor time to refute.

    "So do I, but isn't it time for you to think about your succession? I can't believe there hasn't been a fixed successor yet. What would happen if Your Majesty died as he was?"

    Rulac spoke in the same tone as scolding a child.

    From the beginning, Yovanes was no match for Rulac.

    And now that he can't breathe properly, there is literally nothing he can say about it.

    Rulac, who gave him a moment, as if putting Yovanes on his palm and looking down, said tyrannically this time.

    "The successor is not someone who takes away the power of the predecessor. He is the one who inherits it."

    Yovanes no longer attempted to object to Rulac's words.

    He was just looking at Rulac with black eyes underneath with a heavy breathing sounds.

    "I'm not saying you should resign immediately. Rather, you appoint the Second Prince as the Crown Prince and make him your representative."

    "A representative?"

    "It is to let Your Majesty do the things he has decided on."

    The Crown Prince, who moves as he is told.

    It was obvious to Rulac that Yovanes's eyes were shaking.

    Of course, Yovanes didn't have a choice other than Perez.

    Rulac did not mention it.

    And he said encouragingly.

    "Let the Second Prince cut Angenas apart thoroughly and bury the Empress' remaining sins. It is for everyone, Your Majesty."

    Rulac's voice became even lower.

    "What kind of ending does the family have to look down on the Emperor?"

    After saying so, Rulac no longer added a satire.

    He didn't have to say anything anymore.

    All he had to do was sit back with his back comfortably on the back of the chair and wait for Yovanes to nod.
    After a while.

    "Yes, I'll do it. I like it."

    Yovanes smiled at Rulac as if it were a good idea.

    Looking at the figure, Rulac thought.

    'The first Emperor must have been a pretty smart man.' (A/N: I know right?)

    Knowing that his descendants would not be enough to continue the Lambrew Empire, did he not provide a great support called Lombardi?

    From the stupid and foolish Yovanes, he used his hand to pass his strength to the Second Prince who was worth it.

    As the Patriarch of Lombardi, he did a good thing for the Imperial people in the end.

    Rulac smiled as he faced Yovanes with pride.


    (Florentia's POV)

    Emperor Yovanes brought us back faster than expected.

    However, the atmosphere in the room was very different from where we left.

    It was because the face of Yovanes, sitting on the bed, was noticeably bright.

    Besides, whether his excitement has subsided, the Emperor's breath has become much softer, and his face has a strange smile.

    What kind of conversation did they have?
    Both Perez and I looked at my Grandfather with doubts.

    However, my Grandfather stood up smiling silently and just took the outer garment he had taken off.

    And the very next moment, my curiosity was solved.

    "The Second Prince, Perez Brivachau Durelli."

    Yovanes called Perez's full name in an uncharacteristically solemn voice.

    "Tell me, Your Majesty."

    As he beckoned, Perez replied, walking to the side of the Emperor's bed.

    Yovanes looked at Perez for a while and said.

    "I will appoint you as the Crown Prince."

    The bedroom became quiet.

    At that moment, I couldn't hear the Emperor's annoying breathing.

    I checked Perez's face.

    Perhaps quite surprised, he stood there looking at Yovanes without blinking.

    He was neither happy nor sad.

    Perez is like a lost man who has so much emotion at once that he doesn't know what to think.

    With that expressionless face, he was facing Yovanes.

    I should have told you in advance.

    Perez becoming Crown Prince was somewhat expected.

    No, rather, it was a little later than my previous life.
    Apparently at that time, the Emperor fell and became critical a few days after Perez was appointed as the Crown Prince.

    Thanks to this, Perez was finally able to wield the power in his hand without anyone noticing.

    The first target was the Lombardi family, including Viege.

    I suddenly became curious.

    In this life, the Empress used poison, but why did the Emperor fall down in his previous life?

    I suppressed that curiosity and quietly looked back at my Grandfather.

    It was a given that Perez should be named the Crown Prince.

    Obviously, when we left the room, it wasn't that kind of atmosphere at all.

    Grandpa, what kind of magic did you do?

    Perhaps my Grandfather's Yovanes training skills were much more proficient than I thought.

    "How come you are not saying anything?"

    Yovanes urged Perez.

    Then, as if he had woken up, Perez slowly blinked once.

    And he replied with a dropping low voice.

    "I accept your order."

    "Also, punish the Empress and Angenas thoroughly for their crimes."

    I kind of like that word.
    Now there is a justification for Perez to take revenge properly.

    "Take this."

    Yovanes held out some papers to Perez.

    "What is this?"

    "It is a letter to the states of the East, West, North, South, and Central states. Wouldn't you need their consent?"

    In order for the emperor to appoint a Crown Prince, it is necessary for each region's family representative's approval.

    That's also a unanimous agreement.

    In addition, the owners of each family must gather at the Imperial Palace on a fixed day and stamp the consent form.

    Currently staying in the Ecliptic is Brown in the West, Suzhou in the South, and Lombardi in the center.

    There were only three families.

    "If you want Ivan in the North or Lumanga in the East to come to the Ecliptic, you will have to give them a generous amount of time, three weeks at most."

    Grandpa said to Perez.

    Then he buttoned up his jacket and told me.

    "Let's get going, Tia."

    The situation has calmed down, so we don't have to stay in the palace anymore.
    "Yes, Grandpa."

    It was when I answered that and tried to put on the outer garment I had in my hand.


    Yovanes said.

    "Florentia Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi."

    Why are you calling me?

    Also, by adding the word 'Deputy Patriarch'?

    Riding the back stems, a bad feeling flows.

    I have a hunch that something really bothersome will happen.

    Grandfather also looks back at Yovanes, narrowing his brows shallowly.

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    I answered politely for now.

    "I will give you a mission too."


    You to me?

    At the moment, I had to exert my superhuman powers not to look up and down at Yovanes with very pathetic eyes.

    Grandfather also raised one eyebrow and asked, showing discomfort.

    "What mission do you mean?"

    "As a representative of the Imperial aristocracy, the Deputy Patriarch should be a witness to ensure that the Second Prince's actions are legitimate."

    I knew it.

    It's very annoying just hearing it.


    I tried to refuse.

    Until Yovanes says the next word.
    "Also, if the Second Prince confiscates the money of Angenas, then the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi will distribute it to the families who lent the funds to Angenas."

    Oh my, if that's the case.

    I quickly lowered my head and hid the corners of my mouth that kept rising.

    "The nobles who were deceived by Angenas will be relieved. I'm just amazed by your kindness."

    I also gave some lip service to make you feel good.

    I heard it's almost time for you to die if you do something you don't do.

    I'm sure I can compliment Yovanes this much before he leaves.

    I can't be let out of bullying Angenas.

    With the money lent, at the loss of Pellets, and at the cost of repairing Claryvan's house.

    How much money do I have to rip out?

    I'm worried if there's anything left in Angenas, where the cash dried up a long time ago.

    "I'll be glad to follow your command, Your Majesty."

    A wise old saying that even dried squid comes out with a salty water.
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