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    Chapter 231

    (Florentia's POV)

    "What the hell is going on!"

    My grandfather shouted as he walked along the path that had been created among the knights.

    How terrifying that energy is.

    Even the Knights couldn't make eye contact with my Grandfather and bowed their heads.

    "You're here."

    Perez said hello first.

    He didn't forget to send a light greeting to me, who was following my Grandfather.

    In a bloody situation, Perez seemed relaxed.

    Maybe a little strange.

    At that time, a sharp voice intervened between Grandpa and Perez.

    "It's an Imperial affair! Outsiders should stay out!"


    One of my Grandfather's eyebrows went up.

    "Although that's right."

    Then he looked at Perez and asked.

    "Can you explain what's going on, Prince?"

    Well, if the Empress doesn't want to talk, he can ask Perez, and that's it.

    "Your Majesty has fallen, but he is recovering safely."

    "That's a good thing. But why did this situation happen?"

    "There was an order from His Majesty not to let anyone into the bedroom."

    "But the Empress insisted on going inside."

    "That's right."

    After hearing Perez's explanation, my Grandfather looked back at the Empress and said.

    "Why don't you go back to the Empress palace and wait for Your Majesty's call, Empress?"

    "I have the right to check Your Majesty's condition."

    The Empress answered without looking at my Grandfather at all.

    "Of course, the Empress has that right."

    Grandfather nodded and added.

    "Although it happened when His Majesty died."

    I could clearly see the Empress's shoulders flinch.

    My Grandfather looked coldly at the Empress and said.

    "I can see what happened."

    It was a word mixed with ridicule.


    "Yes, Lord Lombardi."

    The Palace Doctor, who was trembling between the Empress and Perez, quickly answered my Grandfather's call.

    "How is Your Majesty's condition in your view?"

    "His Majesty passed the critical condition and should only need a good rest."

    "What do you think of the future prognosis?"

    "...To be honest, His Majesty will have to focus on his treatment for a while. Because the situation almost became a big problem..."

    "Thank God. Isn't it, Empress?"

    But the Empress did not answer.

    It was then.

    With urgent footsteps, an Imperial soldier ran down the corridor.

    "Ah, the Angenas family's troops are about to enter the Imperial Palace!"

    You're crazy.

    I unconsciously made an impression on the Empress.

    With the Emperor down, the Angenas are moving.

    According to the judgement, it could be regarded as an act of treason.

    It was in an instant that the day stood in a slightly softened atmosphere.


    My Grandfather stared at Lavigne and tried to warn her of something, but the Empress ignored him.

    Then she called the Imperial Knight on the side of the Empress who was standing next to her.

    "Vice-commander, Get rid of those who are in my way."

    As the Knights arrived, they could not wait any longer.

    However, the Imperial Knights couldn't easily pull out the sword even at the order of the Empress.

    It was because he knew well that if he pulled the sword out of here, he could not turn it back at the moment.

    "What are you doing?! Move!"

    Eventually, a loud voice broke out of the Empress' mouth.

    "...Geez, damn it."

    Eventually, the head of the first Knight drew the sword.

    Starting with that, a cool metal sound resonates through the hallway.

    A creepy silence followed, as if even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

    While staring at each other, no one dares to move.

    Breaking the bursting silence was the sound of the door opening in vain.

    It was the bedroom door of Emperor Yovanes.

    Everyone's eyes turned that way.

    "Your-Your Majesty..."

    Seeing the situation outside, the attendant barely spoke with his eyes open.

    "Your Majesty said to please come in."


    "Are you conscious now?"

    A familiar voice opened Yovanes' eyes.

    "Uh..." Yovanes groaned with terrible fatigue as if his whole body had been crushed under a rock.

    "Heok! Uhh...huff.."

    He couldn't even breathe properly.

    "Do...What the hell....ha.."
    Yovanes forcefully opened his eyes and frowned in pain, confirming the figure in front of him.

    "Second Prince.....Ugh! Uhh!"

    Yovanes squeezed his chest once again.

    "Your Majesty, come on, take your medicine...."

    The Palace Doctor was surprised but managed to pour more medicine into Yovanes' mouth.

    Perez asked the Emperor, who was slowly stabilizing.

    "Do you remember what happened before you fell, Your Majesty?"

    "Before I fall..."

    Yovanes breathed hard and pointed at the bottle that had fallen on the floor.

    "That drink...There must be poison in it...."

    "Doctor, check the remaining liquor.."

    "Well, that's....if you don't know what poison is it, it will take time to figure it out."

    When he was attacked by the Patriarch of Sushou, he immediately looked for Dr. Estira, who found out what poison it was.
    "...Check whether it's the poison of a Titi spider."

    "Yes, yes, Your highness!"

    Yovanes asked as he was looking at the doctor which was starting to move in a hurry.

    "How come... the poison..."

    "Not long ago, I was attacked by an assassin who used the poison of a Titi spider."

    In a confused head, Yovanes knew what Perez meant.

    "There is one thing I must confess to you, Your Majesty."

    "...what is it?"

    "The tea I gave you before the competition contained an antidote."


    "Just in case."

    "I guess that's the reason why I'm alive."

    The Emperor no longer said anything but frowned upon the Doctor.

    And after a while, the Doctor exclaimed.

    "That's right! It contains the venom of the Titi spider!"

    At that moment.

    Yovanes' hand grabbed Perez's robe.
    It was a strong force, unsuitable for a man who was poisoned and bedridden.

    "In front of me right now, bring the Empress."

    His distorted face and only his eyes shone with anger.

    Perez did not hold or comfort the Emperor's hand.

    "I have a suggestion."

    He just said to Yovanes in a dry voice.

    "Do you not want to see how the world will flow after Your Majesty's death?"


    (Florentia's POV)

    ".....Your Majesty...?"

    The Empress asked back in a trembling voice.

    Her shaking eyes stared at the wide open bedroom door.

    It was the Emperor's bedroom that she was so eager to enter, but the Empress did not move from where she stood.

    "Let's go in."

    Perez said, opening the way for the Empress.


    "Your Majesty is calling you, isn't it?"

    It was a face that looked expressionless, but he was smiling.

    The Empress began to move slowly.

    The shoe-clad body reeled as if it were going to fall precariously once, but no one tried to help her.
    After that, my Grandfather moved.

    Can I come in too?

    As I hesitated for a moment thinking so, Perez said in a small voice.

    "Let's go, Tia."

    Oh, I see.

    This is the moment you bet everything to prepare.

    Perez's eyes were talking.

    'I want you to be a witness to my victory.'

    There was nothing more to hesitate about.

    "Let's go."

    I replied and began to walk in.

    When I entered the spacious room, the smell of medicine came to me.

    There was a clear sound as I approached the bed on the other side.

    It was a breathing sound like that of a wounded beast.

    "I greet Your Majesty."

    My Grandfather greets.

    The owner of the rough breathing was Emperor Yovanes.

    He was breathing hard against the bed wall, but the Emperor was alive.

    Though he looks pale and has blue lips.

    Yovanes was alive.

    "Your Majesty."

    The Empress stopped and couldn't get any closer on the bed anymore as if she was nailed on the ground.


    When the Emperor lifted one of the corners of his mouth, the sound of breathing in the room changed.
    "I was...I was alive."

    As if it was hard to say, Yovanes took another deep breath.

    "You looked pleased, didn't you, Empress?"


    Empress Lavigne looked at the Emperor and Perez alternately.

    She doesn't seem to know what to say.

    Her red lips trembled.

    "Second Prince."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    "Bring me."

    Perez leaned his head down once, and then went out of the bedroom.

    And he brought in a person.

    "Otua's maid of honor."

    The Emperor called her coldly.

    "You will be answering my question without a single lie.

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