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    Chapter 221

    Violet, who was being dragged helplessly, found a familiar image behind the warehouse building.

    The deeply pressed hoodie didn't show his face, but Violet could tell it was Claryvan.

    As Violet was dragged out by the Knights, Claryvan was trying to walk out from behind the warehouse where he was hiding.

    'No! No! No!'

    Violet looked at Claryvan and shook her head strongly.

    She didn't know that the hell was going on, but the Imperial Knights were searching high and low to look for Claryvan.

    Her guts tell her that it's dangerous.

    'Don't come out!'

    When Violet glanced again, Claryvan paused in place.

    That was the last sight Violet saw before she was dragged back into her office.

    Meanwhile, Claryvan hid himself in a corner again and gritted his teeth.

    Fortunately, a message sent by Bate through an informant planter in the Pellet Corporation and a robe that could cover his face arrived in time.

    [Dangerous. Both the Corporation and the mansion were attacked. The Empress. Be careful.]

    Had it not been for this scribbled note, it could have been Claryvan, not Violet that was being dragged.

    He wanted to run towards Violet, but he knew that he couldn't beat the Imperial Knights with his strength alone.

    Claryvan leaned against the cold warehouse wall and tried to cool off his hot head.

    And after a while, he quietly began to exit the Pellet Corporation's site.

    It was a huge complex with dozens of buildings, but it was a very familiar place for Claryvan.

    For now, it was urgent to get out of here.

    He almost ran into the Imperial soldier several times, but fortunately, Claryvan was able to safely escape the Pellet Corporation.

    Standing in a deserted alley, Claryvan thought, catching his breath.

    "Now where do I go?"

    The mansion was also attacked so he can't go there.

    The first thing that came to his mind was, of course, Florentia.

    But Claryvan shook his head soon.

    If what they've put on themselves were related to treason...

    "I can't get you involved."

    It was then.

    "Hey, you. Show me your face."

    An Imperial knight walking towards the Pellet Corporation said to Claryvan.

    "Damn it."

    Claryvan turned slowly, as if he hadn't heard them.

    And he walked as quickly as possible around the corner of the alley.

    "Huh? You! Hey!"

    However, the Knight did not give up and continued to follow him.

    Claryvan's step and the Knight's steps who were after him have been accelerating.

    Eventually, Claryvan began to run.

    "It's an order! Hey!"

    The knight, who felt something unusual, began to scream and pursue him more.

    "Gasp! Puff! Haa!"

    A short breath burst out of Claryvan's mouth.

    But he couldn't stop.

    'I'll hide in the crowd.'

    It was just when Claryvan, who thought so, just got out of the alley and entered the main street.

    "Lord Pellet!"

    A familiar voice came from somewhere.

    Claryvan looked around in a hurry.

    "The Second Prince...Your Highness?"

    He didn't expect it at all.

    But it was definitely Perez who drove the horse towards Claryvan.

    "Come on! I got you!"

    It was a surprise that made Claryvan pause in a while at Perez.

    The Knight chasing Claryvan grabbed him at the back.

    "You! Huff! Claryvan, haa, Pellet, I was right!"

    As if the imperial knight had caught a big fish, he smiled at Claryvan.

    Then he said, staggering a bit, "Claryvan Pellet, you are under arrest for cooperating in attempt murder of the Emperor ump--!"

    The Knight couldn't finish his speech as his body flew away and landed somewhere.

    Perez's voice was heard much closer to the ear of Claryvan, who was looking at the Knight rolling on the ground in surprise.


    Perez reached out his hand to Claryvan to get on the horse.

    On the other hand, there was a sword that seemed to struck the Knight.

    Claryvan hesitated for a moment.

    But he soon took the hand firmly.

    "Thank you."

    Perez lifted Claryvan with one arm.

    Claryvan's body was lifted up, and before he knew it, he was settled on the horse.

    "Oh, huff! What the heck!"

    The Knight, who had been buried in the ground, barely came to his senses and jumped out of his seat.
    And he yelled as he tried to pull the sword from his waist.

    "Who dares to assault an Imperial Knight...!"


    Perez once again pointed the sword in front of the Knight's face, which he had not peeled off the scabbard.

    "Your Highness the Second Prince?"

    After recognizing Perez, the surprised Knight stiffened and blinked.

    "If you draw a sword on me, you will be executed for treason."


    The Knight knew he couldn't do this or that.

    Then, when Perez began to run with his horse, the Knight shouted out loud.

    "There it is! Claryvan Pellet is over there!"

    Hoping to be heard by colleagues who are searching every corner of Lombardi like him.

    And it was coincidence that Ethan Klaus, who was walking outside the Pellet Corporation, heard the cry.

    Hearing the sound coming from afar, Klaus reacted sharply.

    He quickly boarded his horse and whistled loudly to gather the Knights around him.

    "That way!"

    Ethan Klaus's gray horse was the first to strike out.

    Eventually, he was followed by one Angenas Knight and two Imperial Knights at arm's length.
    At their master's command, Ethan Klaus's horse ran roughly down Lombardi's avenue.


    "Get out of the way!"

    The surprised citizens of Lombardi screamed and avoids the horse running at great speed.


    However, in the middle of the road, there was a child who could not escape and a woman who held his hand.

    The woman, seeing the horse approaching with fearful eyes, hugged her child tightly with a resigned face.


    Ethan Klaus strongly grabbed the reins of his horse.

    Then the horse jumped over the woman and the child.

    Doug-duck! Doug-duck!

    Glancing at them, Ethan Klaus continued to run without hesitation.

    And finally, he saw a horse running with two people in front.

    Ethan Klaus once again kicked the horse's belly,

    Doug-duck! Doug-duck! Doug-duck!

    The horse began to pick up its speed again.

    "Faster! Faster!"

    Perez, who saw Ethan Klaus closing the distance, urged the horse.

    However, a horse that originally drove a carriage could not run faster than a military horse.
    "Claryvan Pellet!"

    Ethan Klaus called out Claryvan in a loud voice.

    With a premonition that he would be caught as it is, Claryvan bit his teeth.

    It was then.

    "We're here!"

    Claryvan raised his head with the sound of Perez's shout.

    In front of them, the Lombardi mansion was visible.

    "This place...?"

    Claryvan briefly did not understand.

    However, Perez took the reins of his horse and accelerated as much as possible.

    Doug-duck! Doug-duck!

    When Ethan Klaus's horse started to accelerate.


    Perez exclaimed, crossing the boundaries of the Lombardi mansion.

    And at the same time, the Lombardi's Knights standing in front of the mansion's iron gate began to move.

    Armored and fully armed, they blocked Lombardi's porch.

    Ethan Klaus's horse was running at a terrifying speed, but they didn't budge.


    Eventually, Ethan Klaus's horse stopped in a hurry and cried for a long time once again.


    Ethan Klaus screamed in anger as he watched Perez and Claryvan run away.
    "Get out of the way!:

    At that time, the Imperial Knights who had been following Ethan Klaus shouted.

    "We are here to arrest a sinner involved in treason! Get out of the way!"

    "It's impossible."

    The Knight Commander of Lombardi, who was standing in front, said briefly.

    "Who dares to stand in front of the Imperial knights!"

    "I'm Lambert Lombardi, the Knight Commander of Lombardi."

    "Lambert Lombardi..."

    The nephew of Rulac Lombardi, the current Patriarch, and the head of the Knights of Lombardi.

    It was a name that even the Imperial knights knew well.

    "Lord Lombardi! If you don't get out of the way right now, you will be accuse of cooperating with the treason...!"

    "I said it was impossible."

    Lambert Lombardi said in a low voice.

    "In accordance with the pledge of the first Emperor and the first Lombardi,"

    Lambert's brown eyes showed fiercely.

    "No Imperial troops are allowed to enter the Lombardi mansion."

    And he added, looking at Ethan Klaus, who is still only staring at the side where Perez and Claryvan.
    "Not to mention the Hound of Angenas."


    It was a word mixed with ridicule.


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