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    Chapter 219

    Bellesac struggled desperately.

    He was somehow trying to get on his back and drop the person on his back.

    "Sheesh! You're really!"

    Olka Baraport swears quietly and corrects his disorganized posture.

    Then a stronger force than before strangled him.

    Bellesac reached back and tried to grab Olka Baraport, but the power of the knight was unbeatable.

    It was all the more difficult that he was strangled in the back.

    "Haa! ugh!"

    Bellesac's mouth opened wide and the sound of breathing came out.

    His bloody head was about to burst.

    I don't want to die like this!

    Bellesac somehow tried to tear the string around his neck.

    There was red blood-flowing out of his wounds, but he didn't budge.

    Red blood spatter on Bellesac's white clothes.

    I don't want to die! Help me! Help!

    Bellesac wanted to shout.

    "Gasp! Gasp!"

    But he couldn't even scream at his situation.

    'It's your decision. Don't regret it.'

    The words that Florentia said, rang in his head.

    "Just hurry up and die."

    He heard Olka Baraport muttering impatiently.

    Maybe he's out of energy now.

    Bellesac once again tried to move his body greatly.

    But it was already too late.

    Contrary to his will, Bellesac's movement gradually subsided.

    His limbs, which he wanted to swing with all his might, were only convulsing.

    He couldn't see anymore.

    He couldn't even feel the awful feeling of the rope digging through his neck.

    He was dying.

    Bellesac peed at that terrible awareness.

    Please, someone, save me.

    He screamed silently.

    It was then.

    He heard a loud noise, the only sense that seemed to be working.


    "Cough! Cough! Cough!"

    The force that was strangling him disappeared in an instant.

    Bellesac instinctively curled his body to the side and breathed in the air in a hurry.

    "Cough! Oh! Ah.."

    In a tearful pain, Bellesac trembled with relief that he had 'lived'.


    His eyes closed, savoring the precious feeling of being able to breath again, while shedding sounds that were not human-like.

    And a sharp, eye-opening pain hit his face.


    "How long are you going to lay down? Get up and move."

    "Ugh.. who...."

    Bellesac raised his eyes and looked up at the man who slapped him on the cheek.

    However, all he could recognize was a pair of red eyes.

    "....Should I just say he died."

    A low voice murmured and someone next to him stopped him.

    "Hey, Your Highness. Don't do that, go ahead. I will be waiting."

    Bellesac quickly rubbed his eyes.

    Then, his hazy vision became clear.


    The door was torn open, and Olka Baraport fell on the floor, unconscious.

    Three people, including Lignite Luman, who is known as the closest aide to the Second Prince, were seen searching the arms of Baraport.

    "Hey, look at this."

    "Hey, Lombardi. Here's your suicide note."

    Ted laughed and took a piece of paper from Olka Baraport's arms and gave it to Bellesac.

    [....Repenting for the sins of attempting to kill the Emperor...The First Prince is just a victim of this incident....for the sins I have committed with my own life...]

    Bellesac's spine felt a chill.

    "Why? It's exactly the same as your handwriting?"

    Steeley asked, laughing knowingly.

    "Is there anyone around you who can copy your handwriting and write a suicide note?"

    "You're completely out of your mind."

    Lignite flicked his tongue at Bellesac, who was blankly looking at a suicide note bearing his name.

    "Get up."

    Then Perez approached and grabbed Bellesac by the collar and lifted him up.

    It was a swift move, as if holding a teacup, to lift a large adult man with one hand.

    Bellesac's body staggered once by the rough touch.

    But no one was there to sympathize with him.

    "Come on, Your Highness. I'll be interrogating this guy!"

    Lignite Luman spoke with his feet in the chest of Olka Baraport, who was distraught and drooping.

    "Follow me."

    Perez said so and took the lead first.

    Without asking where he was going, Bellesac shrugged his shoulders and followed suit.

    A carriage was waiting outside the Knight building.

    But Perez opened the door of the luggage compartment, not the door of the room.
    "Get on."

    "But this is a luggage compartment----"

    But before Bellesac could even finish talking.

    Perez grabbed Bellesac by the collar once again and threw him into the luggage compartment.



    Bellesac held his head in pain, but there was no change in Perez's expression.

    "The luggage fits in the luggage compartment."

    After saying that, he just slammed the luggage compartment door closed.


    (Florentia's POV)

    Early in the morning, a small villa at the end of the Lombardi estate.

    "Oh, Bellesac!"


    When the carriage with Perez arrived, Bellesac and Serral's unmoving reunion took place.

    By the way.

    "Why is he getting out of the luggage compartment?"

    Perez shrugged his shoulders at Serral's question.



    I'm sure Bellesac didn't go in on his own.

    But it didn't matter where Bellesac got on, so I turned to Serral and Bellesac again.

    "Oh my god, this mark...!"

    Serral was horrified to see the dark red marks on Bellesac's neck.

    "Oh, Sir Olka Baraport broke in and strangled him..."
    Bellesac didn't even need to explain any more.

    Realizing what had happened, Serral silently looked at the terrible marks on her son's neck and turned to me.

    "You must have known what the Empress was like. You're not surprised, are you?"

    Serral shook her head with a troubled look at my words.

    "I knew. I knew who my cousin was, but I was afraid. I was afraid..."

    Serral spoke to herself in a voice full of regret.

    She looked very exhausted.

    Serral approached me a few steps and said.

    "Thank you. No, thank you, Deputy Patriarch."

    "There's nothing to be thankful for."

    I said, glancing at the old villa where they would live in the future.

    "Since it was in my best interest to let Bellesac live rather than to die at the hands of the Empress, that's why I helped."

    Serral looked at me with mixed emotions.

    Then she took a letter out of her arms and held it out to me.

    It was a purple letter.

    "This is.."

    I took it and handed it over to Perez right away.

    It'll be a weapon that shines more in Perez's hands than with me.

    Instead, I called Bellesac, standing behind Serral with his shoulders-shrinking.

    "From now on, you and your mother will live here as if you are dead."

    "Eh, here?"

    Bellesac looked around the villa with bleak eyes.

    It was a building with traces of the years left intact in the scarlet bricks.

    I can't get my act together until the end.

    "Why, don't you think it's not enough?"

    "Not like that..."

    I walked in front of Bellesac.

    "Don't get me wrong. You and I use the same surname, but you with a lowly blood will never be part of the family."

    In my previous life, the words that Bellesac said as he slapped me in the cheek rang in my ears.

    He also had a clear, contemptuous gaze as if looking at a dirty thing.

    Like what just happened, I was furious.

    "You can live as our servant as you are now."

    But Bellesac, who is standing in front of me now, was far from spitting at my feet.

    He was still stupid and foolish, but he is terrified.

    His veins burst, he gave off a messy face, and a disgusting smell.
    "You called me half blood."

    Bellesac's complexion turned white at the words I muttered lowly.

    "Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't know any better at that time! I'm sorry, Deputy Patriarch."

    Bellesac plunged to his knees.

    I looked down at Bellesac and said, "You'll lose everything with that half-bloody word, Bellesac,"

    "Please forgive me...!"

    My anger slowly died down.

    It wasn't in vain.

    It's one of the fruits of my hard work that I've built up since I returned.

    My foolish cousin who was just obtuse, lazy, and infinitely evil to the weak.

    I slowly opened my mouth towards Bellesac.

    "I'll send you money in your name to live and eat every month. But that's all you can live with as your patronizing pedigree."

    I said with a low voice.

    "Live like a dead man. Don't let me hear your name again if you don't want to lose it."

    I stared at Bellesac for the last time and boarded the carriage that Perez had been riding on.

    Perez followed right behind me.
    A glimpse of Bellesac, who was still kneeling on the ground can be seen out of the carriage's window, but I did not look back.

    There was still silence in the carriage.

    "If you interrogate the Knight that tried to kill Bellesac, you may find something out."

    When the Lombardi mansion began to appear, Perez told me.

    "But why don't you look so good, Perez?"

    Perez didn't speak as if he was agonizing over something in my question.

    I asked while looking at him.

    "You too, something's wrong, right?"

    I keep feeling uncomfortable.

    It felt like there would be one more hidden move by the Empress.

    And when I got out of the carriage, I could see the identity of someone rushing.

    "Miss! Lady Tia!"

    As soon as the carriage door opened, Laurel rushed in and shouted.

    "Huaa! The Imperial Knights raided the Pellet Corporation and Brother's mansion!"


    N/A: Bellesac and Serral finally get what they deserve! That's right! Live like a dead man! And what do you think happen to the Pellet Corporation and Claryvan? 
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