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    Chapter 211

    (Florentia's POV)

    I thought I heard a whistling sound.

    The sound of people's eyes, who were focused on me, all at once headed towards Chanton Sushou.

    "Well, what..."

    Duigi Angenas puffed his lips.

    Then I suddenly laughed.

    "What load of nonsense. No, it's not, Lord Sushou..."

    Suzhou was looking at me now with slightly bigger eyes.

    He looked surprised.

    I grinned at Chanton Sushou.

    Anyhow, you must have been surprised.

    Because it was a secret work that only Perez and him knew.

    Deliberately pretending to be in a bad relationship.

    I turned my head and looked at Perez.


    Perez's reaction was not much different from the Patriarch of Sushou.

    I took off my back from the chair I was sitting on and seemed to get up anytime soon.

    "Patriarch of Sushou..."

    Duigi called Chanton Sushou in a trembling voice as if he had witnessed the scene of his lover having an affair.

    "Well, what are you talking about right now, Lord Sushou?"

    However, Chanton Sushou did not even look at the Patriarch of Angenas.

    Still looking at me with shaking eyes.

    "Please speak, Lord Sushou."

    "....the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi is right."

    Chanton Sushou's thick voice rang low in the conference hall.

    And slowly, he got up from his seat.

    It was only after Sushou began to walk that I realized the sound of the unusually heavy footsteps coming from his shoes.

    The shoes worn by Chanton Sushou, who is wearing colorful and expensive clothes on the outside, are rugged boots worn by the Imperial Knights.

    After getting out of the seat, Sushou stood in front of the Patriarch of Brown standing on the podium.

    And the continued actions of Chanton Sushou made a sound of deception everywhere.

    "Lambrew Empire's 41st Imperial Knight Commander Chanton Sushou meets the Patriarch of Brown."

    His existence itself was like a ferocious weapon and he bowed his head politely.

    Then the hand with a clenched fist was brought to his chest.

    It was a salute used by active duty knights to express their utmost respect.

    Now, as if he had forgotten all of his knighthood, it was Chanton Sushou, who thoroughly acted as a householder of Sushou.

    "It is an honor to be able to repay the grace received by the Brown family as a person who was born in the Empire and held the sword."

    "Thank you..." Brown said in a trembling voice.

    Once again, Chanton Sushou, who greeted him briefly, took out some well-organized documents from his arms.

    "Please take a look at his, Chairman Killian."

    It was a meeting full of unexpected situations like a storm.

    Chairman Killian, who had been absent-minded for a while, quickly came to his senses and asked.

    "What is it?"

    "It's a document of rights to the lands owned by the House of Sushou."

    "Rights...document?" Chairman Killian's eyes were round.

    "This...isn't this a land document?"

    "Yes, the house of Sushou will hereby hand over the rights of Bellier, Lipota, Romole, Kipore, and Leon to the Browns."

    People's mouths were wide open.

    It was a joke to take away the manor.

    So it must be a great shock to see a family that really pulls off the estate.

    Five of them to be exact.

    Then someone said, "Wait! If it's Bellier, Lipota, Romole, Kipore, and Leon..."

    And someone else said, "Isn't that the land of Angenas?"


    Although there was no large cities and no farming was built on it, they were ignorantly large lands and the land belonging to the Angenas was right.

    But at the same time, it was also the land that Angenas took away from the Browns.

    At that moment, a sharp voice rang.

    "What are you doing now, Patriarch of Sushou?!"

    It was Empress Lavigne who got up from the audience.

    "You have no right to surrender the land!"

    The Empress's beautiful face was distorted with anger.

    "Pardon me, Chairman Killian?" I said, raising one hand.

    "This is a noble conference. As far as I know, people who are not aristocrats do not have the right to speak?"

    Even if it is an imperial family.

    At my words, Empress Lavigne glared at me like she was going to kill me.

    You're teasing me.

    "...The Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi is right. Please refrain from speaking, Empress."

    Chairman Killian said unavoidably with a look of dread.


    Empress Lavigne called the Patriarch of Angenas with her trembling voice in anger.
    "Hey look! Sushou!"

    Duigi Angenas took over the baton from Empress Livigne as he shouted.

    "The land is clearly owned by the Angenas!"

    "I have the land document."

    "What if you have the documents? Those estates have been taken care of by Angenas for the past 40 years or so..."

    "Like how the Browns had been taking care of them for hundreds of years before?"

    "Well, that...!" Duigi, who was speechless, shouted one more time to see if he could think of something to say.

    "Obviously, the land is not supposed to be returned until Angenas paid it back! Oral promises are clear promises, it is a contract!"

    That's true.

    But Chanton Sushou replied with a rare slow smile.

    "No, as I said, I had plans for the land. So if you want it back, you'll have to hurry."

    Then he looked back at the Empress and asked.

    "Isn't that right, Empress?"

    "Chanton Sushou...!"

    The Empress was already furious.

    "You...! You...!"

    Perhaps she completely forgot that there are a lot of eyes watching, but she was even talking informally and pointing fingers at Sushou.
    But like it or not.

    Patriarch Sushou asked Chairman Killian.

    "Please look at the land documents and contracts I gave you and make sure that the documents are free from defects, Chairman."


    A heavy sigh flowed from Chairman Killian.

    He didn't know why this was happening to him.

    Only the sound of a bell was heard in the conference hall where hundreds of people gathered.

    It was then.

    "Think carefully, Chairman Killian." Empress Lavigne said,

    "You will have to make the right decision. If you don't want to regret it."

    It was a threat.

    'If you raised Chanton Sushou's hand in this situation, be prepared.'

    At that moment, I saw an unknown emotion in the eyes of Chairman Killian.

    After careful reading of the last chapter, Chairman Killian said, "There's nothing wrong with the documents. As requested, there estates confirm that ownership has been transferred from Sushou to Brown."

    "Chairman Killian!"

    The Empress called the Chairman, screaming.

    But Chairman Killian didn't care.
    Then he handed the document to Brown and said, "Now that the estate issue has been resolved, there is no reason why the Browns can no longer regain their rights to the nobility. Of course, he said that the Lombardi family would pay the noble tax back."

    Chairman Killian looked at me.

    "I'll give you a lump sum in cash."

    "For the family who favors the Browns to exercise their nobility again, say, 'I agree.'"

    "I agree."

    "I agree!"

    It was a quick fight.

    "Chairman Killian, you can't do this! This can't be!

    Duigi shouted out of his seat and rushed to the Chairman's seat.

    "Why? Do you want to say that I will regret it?"

    Chairman Killian frowned and said to Duigi.

    It was clear that what the Empress said touched the Chairman's pride.

    Yes, no matter how timid Chairman Killian is, why did you threaten him is such a public place? You should have not done that.

    I clicked my tongue and raised my hand.

    "What is it, Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi?"

    "I was just wondering..."

    In the mayhem of chaos and dismay, the nobles looked at me as if they were saying, 'What is it this time?'
    "Bellier, Lipota, Romole, Kipore, and Leon aren't they pretty big states?"


    "Then who will be the representative family of the west? Is it the Angenas or Brown?


    The nobles who grasped the intentions of my question were astonished and breathed in vain.

    "If you think about it roughly, the land that Angenas and Brown have is almost even."

    I even added a kind explanation.

    "Well, come to think of it...!"

    "The representative family is determined by the size of the estate!"

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.

    The Patriarch of Sushou is very smart, he picked only the large land and held it as collateral.

    "Now, wait a minute..."

    Chairman Killian said, holding his head.

    "This is beyond my authority. It's not to be decided by the nobility conference."

    "Then what happens, Chairman?"

    To the question of a nobleman, Chairman Killian shook his head and replied.

    ""I will hand over this matter to Your Majesty's conference. Yes, yes, Your Majesty will decide."

    The door opened and closed with a loud sound.

    When I turned around, the seat where the empress was sitting was empty.

    She left before the Chairman even declared the closing of the meeting just because she was angry.

    "How rude."

    I muttered loudly, tongue-tied so that everyone could hear me.

    "This little....!"

    Duigi Angenas stared at me as if he wanted to rip me apart and kill me.

    Why? What? What are you going to do?

    "Come on, let's call it a day."

    As the atmosphere became increasingly bloody, Chairman Killian quickly announced that the meeting was over.

    "Uhm, Chairman."

    "....What is it, Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi?"

    Chairman Killian looked at me with a pretty tired face.

    I pointed my finger at the gavel and said, "You have to knock the gavel."

    The meeting officially ended only by tapping the gavel twice.

    Chairman Killian, who was staring down at the gavel for a moment, moved his hands mechanically.

    Bam! Bam!

    It was a cheerful sound at the end of the aristocratic conference, in which Angenas had lost half of his estate and the Brown family had been reinstated.


    **the scene between Tia, Duigi and Chanton in my head

    Florentia: I got the money.

    Duigi: How about the land?

    Florentia, grabs a poke ball: Lord Sushou, I choose you!

    Sushou: What?

    Florentia: Oh, sorry, wrong ball.. *winks

    The conference ended beautifully, didn't it? The Browns had the chance to be reinstated, they were even given a chance to be the representative of the West!, Lavigne threw a tantrum, Duigi got nothing to say, Chanton and Perez were quite surprised, and last but not the least, Our Tia won! Yeahh!!

    Oh and if there's any Filipino readers out there, I'm sure Sushou's name is making you hungry? Canton for Chanton! Hahahha! Just kidding. (For those who don't know it's an instant noodles in the Philippines also known as "Pancit Canton")

    Anyways, Keep safe everyone! I'll try to update again within this week!

    Oh and a heads up for the next chapter, we'll get a short flashback of our grass eating Prince. He's so cute! (^0^)/

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