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    Chapter 210

    At Lombardi's mansion.

    Rulac quickly put a candy in his mouth after taking the medicine Estira handed him.

    "It's very sweet, very sweet."

    Rulac would have been fed up with the bitter medicine by now and should be frowning, but it's quite the opposite.

    "You're in a good mood today, Lord Patriarch."

    Estira asked, tilting her head. "Are you feeling much better?"

    "Ah, that's true."

    Rulac smiled mischievously.

    Then he said, checking the time.

    "Maybe the aristocratic conference has begun by now."

    Then he rolled the candy in his mouth once.

    Eventually, a rather frivolous laughter flowed from Rulac.

    " Lord?"

    "Hahaha! How embarrassed they must have been since Tia suddenly showed up for me!"

    Rulac grabbed his stomach and laughed.

    "It's too bad that I can't see those faces, so regretful! Hahaha!"

    The loud laughter of Rulac went on for quite a long time.

    Estira, who was shaking her head while watching it the side, said quietly.

    "Will Florentia be alright?"

    "Yes." Rulac stopped his laughter and looked at Estira.

    "Why don't you think she won't be okay, Dr. Estira?"

    "Because...she's still young and the fact that a woman is attending a noble meeting as a Deputy Patriarch..."

    "It's not just any other kid, it's Tia. Who we've seen doing all sorts of things."

    "Is that so..."

    "Of course, I'll try to discourage Tia at first."

    Rulac's laughter, which had stopped, began again.

    "Haaa... they will die in envy."


    "How many people do you think have a proper successor in our position? They all wrap their heads up because of their stupid children. Seeing our Tia, how envious they must be, wouldn't they?"

    Rulac stretched out loudly and threw another candy into his mouth.

    "Yes, they must be envious, envious. Heh."

    Rulac hummed, imagining the faces of the nobles filling the conference hall as Tia walked in and show how smart and stubborn she is.

    Leaning against the bed, the tips of each foot bobbed to the cheerful song.


    (Florentia's POV)

    "The first and only issue of today's meeting is the restoration of the Brown family's authority over the nobility."

    Chairman Killian said, looking left and right at the audience.

    "Your Majesty personally referred to the council of the nobility and he said, 'I will leave the judgement entirely to the outcome of the council of the nobility.'"

    Yovanes, that punk.

    I can't believe he's passing all this important decision on to someone else.

    The only thing he does, to say that he is the Emperor, is to call open his back pocket, which is not open to the aristocracy.

    Chairman Killian said.

    "Gillard Brown, come forward."

    Pointing to the low podium prepared in the middle of the seats spread out on both sides.

    Soon, the Patriarch of Brown, who was sitting in the auditorium, slowly walked out.

    He didn't look as intimidated as he did when I first saw him, but he still looked nervous.

    Although he might be nervous, the Patriarch of Brown's attitude was confident.

    Especially throughout his walk, he looked straight at the Angenas.

    And standing on the podium showed the courage for everyone to see, even for the side where the Empress was sitting.

    He didn't even try to hide his right sleeve, which was empty and swayed with his steps.

    'This is what your family did to us.'

    It was as if he was saying so.

    "Gillard Brown, Lord of the Brown Family. First of all, I would like to thank Chairman Killian for giving me the opportunity to speak."

    I thought a messy, trembling voice would come out.

    Unexpectedly, Brown's voice was calm.

    It was as if he had dreamed dozens or hundreds of times that this day would come.

    "Our Brown family had lived for decades as a sword to protect the Imperial family until it was trampled by bandits 40 years ago,"

    It was referring to Angenas, the bandits.

    "Although for a while the right to the nobility has been forfeited. Brown's pride has lived up to that pride as one of the oldest and most prestigious families in the Empire."

    The Patriarch of Brown's good eyes and mine, met.

    "Gillard Brown is here to beg his fellow nobles. To please help the Brown family once again serve the great Lambrew Empire as an Imperial noble and Imperial sword."
    It was a good speech.

    It was neither overly low profile nor arrogant.

    The family, once the main pillar of the Empire, was dignified but modest in asking for help.

    As if the aristocrats in the conference hall thought so, the atmosphere that had been hardened was softened a lot.

    "Now, are there any families reapplying on this agenda?" Chairman Killian asked the nobles.

    Anyone can freely present an agenda, but whether or not it is properly discussed at a noble meeting must be approved by at least five nobles.

    There was a low silence in the conference hall.

    They are looking at each other.

    Perez and Empress Lavigne, sitting in the audience, read each other's mind.

    Requesting the Browns to be reinstated was a direct contradiction to the Empress's forces.

    So, no one easily reapproved the agenda.

    It was obvious in their head that they were busy weighing.

    'Is this really the end of the First Prince?'

    'If so, will we no longer need to see Angenas and the Empress's notice?'
    'Someone said that the Frist Prince was drugged, wouldn't there be room for normal consideration?'

    And most crucially.

    'Which side should we line up, the First Prince or the Second Prince?'

    Just by looking at people's concerns, you can see that the power of Angenas is still alive.

    Becoming the great lord of the West by pushing out the Brown family and as the family of the Empress.

    There has been a great deal of power.

    But that too ends today.

    "The Lombardi family makes a second request."

    In an instant, all eyes were on me.

    And a few seconds later.

    "I will reapply."

    "My family would also like to re-appointed them too."

    "I will also reapply."

    From the side where I was sitting, there was a line of declarations of reconsideration.

    "Well, since there are far more than five families calling for the re-appointment of the House of Brown family, I will adopt the "Brown Family Reinstatement" as an official agenda. From now on, you may feel free to express your opinion on this agenda."
    As soon as Chairman Killian's word fell, Duigi Angenas rose from his feet.

    "The Angenas family thinks this issue doesn't make sense at all."

    The Patriarch of Angenas looked at the Patriarch of Brown with blue eyes resembling Empress Lavinge.

    "According to the Imperial Nobility Act, in order to maintain the rights of aristocrats, there must be a manor. Even if it is a palm-sized manor."

    I knew that would come out.

    There wasn't much that Angenas could claim to prevent the Browns from being reinstated.

    Duigi Angenas continued his words.

    "Because it is the duty of nobles to pay taxes and protect the nobles who live in the land given by His Majesty the Emperor."

    People around Angenas nodded in unison.

    "In addition, the statue states, 'if more than 20 years have passed since the estate was lost, the family would be relegated to a 'fallen nobility'.' It is precisely stated that after 10 years of not owning a territory after becoming a fallen nobility, the fallen may be removed from the noble list through due process at the nobility meeting."
    So just a few years ago, under the leadership of the Angenas, the Brown family disappeared completely from the aristocratic register.

    It was just 40 years.

    "No one in this position will be able to deny that this is the strict criterion that separates the nobility, the ruined nobility, and the commoner clan."

    Oh, you're a good at talking.

    He comes in drinking alcohol. Duigi, the Patriarch of Angenas, spoke in a loud voice without signs of great nervousness.

    For a second, I almost felt like saying, 'Is that so?'

    The air inside the conference hall has changed subtly.

    I turned my head slightly and checked the audience.

    The complexion of the Patriarch of Brown was hardened.

    And the Empress.

    No need to say.

    It was beautiful, but a smug smile slowly spread across her face.

    "But what's the situation with the Browns now?"

    Eventually, Duigi Angenas said aloud, pointing his finger at the Patriarch of Brown.

    No, maybe he wants to point at Perez sitting next to him.
    "There has been no manor for the past 40 yeas and its name has long since disappeared from the noble list! How can such a clan now come again and deserve the rights of nobility again!"

    And, as if showing everyone he was drunk whilst being such an enthusiast, "Bang!".

    He even hits the armrest in front of the seat.


    "That's right!"

    The nobles of the Angenas camp raised their voices together as if they had waited.

    It was in an instant that the quiet conference hall became a market floor.

    "In addition, what do you think of counting nobles who have not paid a penny in the last 40 years! Every family here pays huge taxes to the imperial family every year!"

    "If you calculate it roughly, four grand! Four thousand gold!"

    "Hey, Gillard Brown! You have a mouth, so tell me for yourself!"

    While taking the opportunity, Angenas pushed hard as if he were trying to root it out.

    "Well, you're right. There are laws like that."

    Chairman Killian muttered like that and sneaked a glance at me.

    Although the Killian family was close to Lombardi in nature, he must remain neutral as the Chairman.
    But as I sat still, the Chairman's face showed disappointment.

    It was clear that he thought that I am not doing my part as a Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi.


    Duigi Angenas was laughing at me.

    Whispering about something with the nobles sitting around him.

    I turned my head and looked at the Empress.

    The Empress was no different.

    I was just smiling lightly to maintain dignity.

    I could clearly see how you felt.

    I slowly opened my mouth while looking at her face.

    "The Brown family's backlog of aristocrats is exactly 4,320 gold."

    The conference hall slowly became quiet.

    "I will give you 5,000 gold, from Lombardi."

    Long ago, the Lira coal mine I bought was 2,050 gold.

    Five thousand gold was a huge sum of money for any noble family.

    But not for Lombardi.

    5,000 gold?

    Even if that tenfold is withdrawn, Lombardi's finances won't show.

    "Then only the manor is left, right? Patriarch of Angenas?"

    I smiled slowly and asked Duigi Angenas.

    "Well, yes!"

    "Then the Brown family's reinstatement shouldn't be a big problem."
    "What nonsense!" Duigi Angenas snorted loudly.

    Mister, you're going to have a runny nose.

    "Why? Do you intend to take one of the Lombardi's estates?"

    You're a little short-spoken.

    I am sitting here as Deputy to the Patriarch of Lombardi.

    But that's the way you talk?

    It was so rude.

    Not surprisingly, people from Lombardi's side pointed.


    "Where did you sell your words?!"

    "When you took the land of the Brown family, did you tie it up with your conscience and sell it?"

    I smiled at the nobles who were angry in my stead, meaning it was okay, and then I spoke again to Duigi.

    "That's a great idea."

    "Well, that..."

    Duigi Angenas was greatly flustered.

    He looked surprised that I would take away even the estate in Lombardi's spot right now.

    "But it won't be necessary, Patriarch of Angenas."

    "A ground would not drop from the sky!"

    No matter what else Duigi Angenas yells.

    I completely ignored that.

    And I looked at Chanton Sushou, who was sitting silently.
    "Isn't that right, Lord Sushou?"


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