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    Chapter 209

    A/N: Hello! Here's another update! 

    Okay so before you start reading, I have read the latest update on the manhwa of IWBTMITL and the spelling of the Brown family there is 'Braun', like I said, I'll stick to what I already used on the previous updates so I hope you understand. Don't worry even in the spelling are different, I'm sure the pronunciation is the same. Anyways, how you read the name is all completely up to you. 

    Enjoy Reading!


    "What do you mean by Deputy Patriarch....?"

    Chairman Killian said in bewilderment.

    "Have anything happened to the Patriarch of Lombardi?"

    I could feel a lot of people listening to the Chairman's question.

    I knew this question would come up.

    It's not good for them to know that Grandpa is sick in this situation.

    As it is a confrontation between Lombardi and Angenas, we should avoid demoralizing our team before the battle of the aristocratic conference.

    I spoke coldly with a smile on purpose.

    "You have a lot of questions, Chairman Killian."

    I took a glance to the Chairman's hardening expression and watched his face as I added a question.

    "Do you ask my Grandfather so many questions too?"

    "No, I just didn't get inform in advance...."

    Ah really, does someone really have to know this?

    No matter how much I enjoyed this thrilling moment, I was increasingly annoyed by unnecessary procedures and bureaucratic attitudes of the aristocrats.

    I looked straight at Chairman Killian and asked.

    "Do you mean that my Grandfather needs your permission to send in a Deputy Patriarch?"

    "Well, it's not that, but..."

    "Then there's no problem, right?"

    "Well, yes..."

    Chairman Killian, who hesitated for a moment, changed his tone.

    I attended as a Deputy Patriarch, so he needs to treat me the same way as the Patriarch Lombardi.

    "That's great."

    I smiled at Chairman Killian once and then turned away.

    It meant that I would no longer talk about this issue anymore.

    Then a person came in through the door of the conference room.

    "The Empress..."

    The old nobleman, who had just stepped into the conference hall and complaining about 'something about me,' saw Empress Lavigne and quickly stepped back and bowed his head.

    That man was always loyal to the Angenas even in his previous life without receiving anything and it seems the same this time.

    I shook my head and looked at Empress Lavigne.

    She looked so confident that no one would think that her son was detained for the attempted murder of the Emperor.

    The Empress, who stood upright and looked leisurely inside the conference hall, found me sitting in the seat.

    She seemed a little surprised at first, then she soon began to stare at me.

    Even though it was quite far away, I could feel that blazing eyes.

    Unlike other nobles, I didn't stand up and greet.

    But the Empress can't say anything about it.

    I'm the acting head of Lombardi now.

    Lombardi does not bow to anyone but the emperor.

    Instead, I smiled with one of the corners of my mouth as I looked at the empress.

    Straight face.

    Then I saw the Empress staring at me with eyes ten times colder, before turning her head around and taking a seat in the audience.

    This is the aristocratic council.

    Empress Lavigne, who has already abandoned her status as a noblewoman and became one of the royal family members, has no say.

    She has no choice but to sit in the audience and watch the meeting.

    Nevertheless, for her to come all the way here was a proof that today's meeting is so important to the Empress and Angenas.

    "Oh, there are a lot of audiences from the Imperial Palace today."

    I said to the person sitting next to me, deliberately smug.

    "Uh huh, that's right."

    Originally, as he sat next to my grandfather, Patriarch Bernese, one of Lombardi's closest aides, nodded and responded.

    "I meet Your Highness the Second Prince."

    This time it was Perez.

    And Perez, who found me in the seat, paused just as the Empress did a while ago.

    I did not deliberately tell anything to Perez in advance.

    I want you to be surprised.
    Perez, who was looking at me for a moment, nodded at me.

    As if he was facing my Grandfather.

    In an instant, the attention of the conference hall was focused on us.

    Although we are publicly engaged, we are now deputies of the Crown Prince and the Patriarch of Lombardi.

    It's a situation where you have no choice but to be curious.

    I likewise greeted Perez lightly and started a conversation with the person next to me.

    Like it's really no big deal.

    "I haven't seen the Patriarch of Angenas?"

    "Huh, that person is always late."

    Glancing sideways, Perez was greeted by several nobles and took a seat in the auditorium opposite the empress's seat.

    And there was a man who came in after Perez.

    "The Patriarch of Brown is here."

    At my voice, the nobles sitting around quickly turned their heads there.

    At a glance, Patriarch Brown, who entered the conference room with a complex expression, thought for a moment and sat next to Perez.

    "That person is rumored..."

    "He looks just like the former Patriarch of Brown that I saw when I was young."
    The chosen seat of the Patriarch of Brown, quietly seated in the auditorium, was excellent.

    The reaction of the nobles who did not come to the hunting competition was not so bad.

    Had the Patriarch of Brown tried to settle in a seat where only nobles could sit, he would have gotten a big offense.

    It was important not to offend the attention of those who attended the conference as much as possible, as they are trying to reclaim the rights as a noble through this conference.

    "The faces of Angenas and the people around him don't look so good."

    "Maybe because he's not sober right now."

    This time the young nobleman sitting behind me said,

    "What about him not being bare minded?"

    "Duigi, the Patriarch of Angenas, is weak, he can't stay bare before this important meeting. There is a rumor that he is drinking strong alcohol before the meeting."


    There were quite a few people around me coughing a little.

    This meant that the existence of the Patriarch of Sushou was uncomfortable for the people of the pro-Lombardi camp.
    And at that moment I saw.

    The silent encounter between the eyes of the Patriarch of Sushou and Perez.

    It was a moment when our eyes got tangled while they were turning their heads.

    Somehow I felt like I was going to laugh.

    "If it wasn't for Chanton Sushou..."

    Bernese muttered.

    "Half the power of the Angenas family comes from the Chanton Sushou, right?

    As I said, Bernese and the people around him opened their eyes wide.

    "Lady Lombardi... rather, do you know that's the case with, Deputy Patriarch?"

    Ha...this grandfather is so...

    You're judging people openly.

    However, the prejudice of me being a young Lady is only the beginning.

    In the future, I will face these gazes and prejudices countless times.

    I can't get tired already.

    I replied with a shrug.

    "Isn't there any reason why my Grandfather made me the Deputy Patriarch, Lord Bern."

    "Yes, yes. My thoughts were short..." Fortunately, Bernese nodded quickly and admitted.

    And I was thinking of saying, 'don't worry too much.'
    If it wasn't for the eyes that stick to my side.

    I turned my head and looked at the person staring at me.

    "Lord Bernese."

    "Yes, Lady Lombardi?."

    "Why does the Patriarch of Sushou look at me like that?"

    The people around me looked at Chanton Sushou at my words.

    However, Patriarch Sushou did not even draw a persistent gaze towards me.

    "Should I yell for you so he'll look away?"

    Patriarch Bernese leaned closer and asked quietly.

    "...Can I?"

    The meeting hasn't even started yet.

    No, it's still the state of Patriarch, but it's not that good.

    The people around me answered my question.

    "No, well, what else can't we do?"

    "In the first place, before the start of this important meeting, we were yelling at each other and cheering up."

    "That's right. That's how the atmosphere gets better." it a cheerleading event?

    "No, it's okay."

    I refused, waving one hand, not wanting to see the old people screaming loudly with blood on their necks in front of my eyes.

    But why does everyone looks disappointed?
    "It's past the start of the meeting and everyone seems to be present, so I will close the conference room."

    Chairman Killian stood up and said.

    And he coughed a couple of times and declared in a solemn voice.

    "Now then, let's start the aristocratic conference."

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The gavel rang three times.


    A/N: Sorry for the interruptions but before you proceed, basically this chapter shows how Florentia deals with those old geezers who are, of course, doubting her as a 'woman' and a young one at that.

    And the statement above where they were suggesting to Florentia that they can scold Sushou for her but Florentia declined and they looked disappointed, I'm guessing that it's not because they were disappointed at Florentia's answer, they are just looking forward to start another series of yelling again. God those fools... Anyways, that's how I understand the chapter based on the raw English translation of google translate and papago.

    You can continue on to the next chapter! Let's cheer for Tia! Lezzgo! 
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