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    Chapter 208

    A sharp silence flowed into the room.

    Even in front of Lavigne's increasingly cold expression, Patriarch Sushou was calm.

    He lifted the teacup again and even sipped the tea a few more times.

    It has a large body that fills the chair, but the hand that handles the tea cup is quite delicate.

    "That...what do you mean?"

    Lavigne's words trembled.

    It was anger.

    The face that was smiling beautifully like a smooth porcelain mass was cracking with anger.

    "It's exactly what I said."

    The Patriarch of Sushou replied, twisting one leg of him and slowly lowering his interlocked hand over his knee.

    It was the hand of a knight with many scars.

    "The expiration date of the funds that Sushou lent to Angenas has ended. So if you can't return that money right away, we'll have to take over the collateral."

    "Ha! Patriarch Sushou!"

    Eventually, a loud shout erupted from the empress.

    The smile that pretended to be serene collapsed.

    "You want the money back right away?! Don't you know that this is an unreasonable demand?"

    "Did I say something wrong, Your Majesty the Empress?"

    Chanton Sushou had a strange expression.

    His twisted mouth looked very angry and at the same time smiling.

    Lavigne, who saw his face, became even angrier.

    "Are you going to pretend to be me now?"

    "Not like that."

    "If not, what is it? What if you suddenly ask me to repay such a large sum of money at a time like this!"

    "I know. It's strange that you've been so relaxed since you borrowed so much money."

    Suzhou eventually ate and laughed in vain.

    But his eyes were as dry as the surface of the ice.

    "You borrowed the money and now you just have to pay it back"

    Empress Lavigne glared at Chanton.

    How angry she was that her shoulders were shaking every time she breathed.

    But she couldn't even scream according to her personality.

    It is true that Angenas borrowed money from Sushou as collateral for his estate and accordingly, the sword hilt was held by Sushou.

    The Empress, who had been staring at Chanton Sushou for a long time, opened her mouth.

    "The South is not enough and now you cannot overlook the land of the west. You cannot represent both regions, so the West will still be in the hands of Angenas."

    "I know."

    "And yet you're greedy for the land. Don't you think this ambition is too much?"

    "That's possible."

    Suzhou said slowly, as if warming up.

    "But, of course, I'm greedy. Would Angenas be the only one who stole other people's land?"

    "Shut it!"

    Her body trembled at the insult she faced.

    As she clenched her fist, her fingernails broke through her palm painfully.

    But thanks to the pain, Lavigne regained her reason.

    Then she took a deep breath and calmly grasped the situation.

    "Patriarch Sushou."

    "Yes, go ahead."

    "You'll regret it if you pretend to be me."

    "As I said a little while ago, Empress. Suzhou is not trying to pretend to be Angenas. I'm just claiming too much debt."

    "...then I'll arrange a repayment within this month. If that doesn't work, we'll hand over the land documents."

    Empress Lavigne put all her pride down and suggested.

    However, the Patriarch of Sushou shook his head.

    "I'm sorry, in fact, the contract is already three days overdue. I've been waiting for three days, so I'm going to get the land document here today."

    "There's no such law...!"

    "Or would you ask Your Majesty to arbitrate?"

    Sushou asked, cutting off the Empress.

    It was a method that was sometimes used when conflicts between the nobles escalated.

    Just as Angenas and Brown did a long time ago.

    It was a welcome offer, usually welcome with a pair of arms.

    However, Empress Lavigne's complexion was still dark.

    It is the fickle Emperor Yovanes.

    In a situation where Astana was uncomfortable, he did not know what kind of ruling he would make if he was asked to solve such a problem.

    Perhaps Angenas was asked to spit something else out in a secured state.

    Empress Lavigne got up from her seat and opened her vault.

    It contained documents of rights in various parts of Angenas.

    Among them, Lavigne's fingers trembled as she pulled out documents from the place specified in her contract.
    However, when she returned to her seat with her land documents, her face had cooled down.

    Empress Lavigne handed the documents and said, "You said you wouldn't pretend to be me."

    "That's right."

    "Then, go to the nobility meeting tomorrow. And today's work shall not be said by your mouth. Do not tell anyone."

    It was more important now than ever for Angenas to show a strong figure.


    The Patriarch of Sushou, who seemed to be agonizing for a while, immediately nodded his head.

    "I'll do that."

    "In addition, if we repay the amount of money we borrowed, the land document will be returned."

    "That's a bit difficult. We already have plans for the western lands."

    "You'd better put aside the plan because we'll get the money as soon as possible."

    Empress Lavigne's remarks made Sushou laugh.

    As Sushou accepted the package of documents, he said, "Then you have to hurry, Your Majesty the Empress."


    (Florentia's POV)

    The day of the aristocratic conference was bright.
    My carriage was fast approaching the place where the nobility meeting will be held.

    Of course, this is the carriage of my grandfather, the main carriage.

    I hand-swept the interior of the carriage, beautifully decorated in gold, like the black silk dress I was wearing.

    "I missed this ride."

    This unshakable sense of security in a running carriage!

    It was the carriage of the Patriarch of Lombardi.

    Of course, I've been riding this carriage in my previous life.

    However, it accompanied me as my grandfather's secretary and helper.

    "It's mine now."

    It's for me, Florentia Lombardi, the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi, no one else.

    I was having a rapport with the carriage for a while, but I arrived in front of the place where the noble meeting was held in no time.

    I patted and whispered on the World Tree decoration of the carriage.

    "Will you wait for me for a minute? I'll be right back from work."

    I'm not saying this for nothing.

    Because this noble meeting won't be long.

    I took my leisurely steps and walked softly.
    When I enter the conference hall, many eyes are on me.

    "The young lady...What are you doing here?"

    An old nobleman who was talking with another nobleman at the door asked me.

    He is from the Angenas side.

    "Didn't you come to the wrong place, Lady?"

    "Is there a reading club around here?"

    I heard some people babbling.

    Slowly looking at them, the information about them where getting clear on their faces one by one.

    That fat man refused to bribe his father.

    That grumpy looking man is competing with Shannanet in the mining industry.

    And the person who sent me a teddy bear for my 8th birthday.

    There were very few people who were completely new to me.

    Then, someone approached me.

    "Oh, aren't you Lady Lombardi?"

    He was a nobleman whom I had seen several times at a banquet.

    He was a member of the family who was always next to my grandfather or Viege, and was close to Lombardi.


    I don't remember his name, so let's skip it.

    Instead, I asked, smiling brightly.

    "Isn't this the conference hall where the aristocratic conference is held?"
    "Yes, but.."

    "When my grandfather attends the conference, will you let me know where he is sitting?"

    "You mean where Patriarch Lombardi sits?"

    The nobleman, who tilted his head for a moment, told me to follow him first.

    As I began to walk, many eyes followed me.

    Curiosity, disapproval, vigilance.

    All sorts of things stung the back of my head.

    The idea that I probably wouldn't have been able to get inside the conference room if it wasn't for Lombardi's surname has grown to convince me more and more.

    "The Lord of Lombardi has not come yet."

    "Yes, I know."

    Grandfather is recuperating in bed now.

    "Ah, then, did you come to meet Lord Lombardi?"

    "No, it's not like that."

    The aristocrat who guided me to my seat constantly talked.

    Fortunately, my grandfather's seat was not far from the entrance.

    Right based on the chairman's seat.

    The middle seat in the front row.

    It was a chair that was no different than looking strong.

    But I was well aware of what this position meant here.
    "Here you go. But as you can see, Lod Lombardi has not yet come---"


    I sat on the empty chair, ignoring the nobleman who was talking.

    I could see the Angenas camp on the other side at a glance.

    "It's a great spot."

    I smiled as the image of my grandfather, who would sit here and stare at the nobles over there, was drawn in front of my eyes.

    "Now...what are you doing?"

    The eyes of the nobleman who guided me to the seat were wide open in astonishment.

    The reactions of other people in the conference room were not very different.

    "Uhm...Lady Lombardi."

    Then I heard a polite voice calling me.

    It was the chairman.

    "Yes, Chairman Killian. It's been a while since I saw you. You came to my coming of age ceremony."

    "I did you... were small."

    Complex emotions were seen passing by the chairman's face.

    I guess you don't understand the situation because the image of me sitting in the conference room right now overlaps the image I had at my coming-of-age ceremony just a few years ago.

    "Uhm, Lady Lombardi. That's the seat of your grandfather, Lord Lombardi. If you ever want to watch the nobility conference, you can sit at the back..."
    "I'm not here to watch, I'm here to attend."


    "Yes, Chairman."

    The chairman looked at me in amazement.

    The nobles who were waiting to attend the meeting were buzzing.

    "If you're attending..."

    I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.

    To the chairman who asked and to confirm it again, I spoke each and every word to make it clear again.

    "I am the Deputy Patriarch of Lombardi, Florentia Lombardi."


    N/A: Badass Queen!!! Ey!!! I seriously can't wait to see this drawn. *sigh If only we can have the complete story in full visual so easily. 

    Oh! And what do you think will happen at the conference? For those who know, you better not tell and for those who doesn't well, you'll see! *wink

    Anyways! For the upcoming updates. It'll really depends on me. Lol. But I'll try to update as much as possible when I have time. So don't be weirded out when I didn't update for a week 'cause I will be very busy starting next month. But I will try to update at least weekly! Even if it's only one chapter. Then, Have a nice day! :))
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