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    Hello! [Please read this first before you proceed so you won't be confused later! I warned you!]

    I want to warn you first before you proceed!

    Please do remember that I am NOT that proficient in English. I just did my best to make the story as understandable as possible. So if you find any faults, feel free to comment so I can correct them.

    AND for the names of the characters, you might be confused since the spelling is a little bit different from the ones that you have read already on other sites or sources so I apologize in advance. I just thought that if I'll be doing hard work then I should enjoy doing it as much as possible. So yeah, the spelling I picked is based on what suits my taste. I'm sorry!

    But!!! I'll stick to the ones that I will use from the start so bare with me. :)))


    You might have noticed this when you didn't read this announcement but let me tell you in advance. So in every chapters, you might see this four asterisk (****). Those asterisk means that the scenario or the Point of View (POV) has changed.

    Also, I will use Italic whenever someone is talking deeply to themselves. And I will use Bold if there's a flashback. So if I used Italic and Bold at the same time then that means, that person in flashback was talking to themselves. And if you will also notice, I will only use Florentia's POV because, well, I like it, I mean I like writing Florentia's POV. So you will see the sign (Florentia's POV) before the story continues to show that Florentia is the one who's thinking, moving; and talking. As for the rest of the characters, I will only use the 3rd person's point of view. You'll understand what I'm saying once you started reading.

    That's all! For any other questions, just comment! And don't forget to read the A/N in some or every chapter! Because there might be an important announcement. Thank you!!


    Crdts to the real owner of the story! I appreciate your work so much!

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