Panda Helper Releases a New Tool Panda IPA Elves

We often receive emails and tweets about game requests from our users. Our users expect us to improve the game experience and make game more powerful and enjoyable. We know the desire so we think about what we can do makes the submission more convenient and clear.

We consider that the thing has below features:

1.Enable people to upload App Store links of apps so we can fast know what people want exactly

2.Enable people to choose what configured functions people want, such as Speeder, Cheat Engine.

3.Eanble people to know the process of submitted apps.

Now Panda IPA Elves is released. It has those features above! You are able to use it to submit the apps you want more conveniently. Try it now! Open it on mobile devices.

How to use Panda IPA Elves?

  • Prepared items:

1.App App Store link (Tap the Share button in the App Store app details page and choose "Copy Link")


2.Email address

Notice: Panda IPA Elves only supports apps from U.S. App Store. If apps aren’t available on the U.S App Store, they can’t be submitted successfully.

Step1: Find Panda IPA Elves on our webiste (, home page of Panda app or Lite version Panda.


Step2: Tap "Upload App" button.


Step3: Input App Store link and select what feature configuration you want it on the app.


Step4: Tap "Click to get UDID". It will guide you to install a profile. After it installs successfully, the page will come back. UDID can help you to know the process of apps on Panda IPA Elves.


Step5: Enter your Email address.


Step6: Tap "Upload" to submit your request.

How to know the process of apps?

Go to Panda IPA Elves and tap "My wish". It will show the process.

If shows "Not Support" on the right side of the app, it means it is not available.

If shows "Wait", it means it is handled.

If shows "Success", it means it works. Then, tap this app and install it from Panda Helper. Enjoy the game.


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