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Brawler Stars Bot For iOS Supports Auto Combat

Brawler Stars Bot for iOS is released!

It is added new feaures to get better experience for automating the gem combat. We will show you what the new features in this verison below, which will make you better know what Brawler Stars Bot can do, and then demonstrate how to get and run Brawler Stars Bot on iOS devices.

Brawler Stars Bot for iOS features

  • Auto Combat;
  • Intellignet attack;
  • Loop battle;
  • Support Gem Grab Map

How to use Brawler Stars Bot for iOS?

Before using Brawler Stars Bot for iOS, please install Panda Helper first.

Panda Bot is now available on all Panda versions. Whether you are a Panda VIP, a Panda free user, or a Panda Repo Jailbreak user, you can experience Panda Bot.

  1. Download and install Panda Helper first.

  2. Go to the [Panda Bot] Section and download Brawler Stars-AI from Panda Helper iOS
    Brawler Stars Bot For iOS

  3. Start Brawler Stars-AI on your iPhone and you will see the Panda avatar on your screen.

  4. Click the Panda avatar and tap the [bot] page
    Brawler Stars Bot For iOS

  5. Get Brawler Stars Bot to start it and the Panda Bot controller will show on your screen now.

  6. Each user can get a 15-minute free trial before you decide if you want to buy the Brawler Stars Bot. All you need to do is enter your email address.
    Brawler Stars Bot For iOS

  7. Before start to run the Brawler Stars bot, you should get to know about the details in [About] page and set the Brawler Stars bot in [Main].
    Brawler Stars Bot For iOS Brawler Stars Bot For iOS

  8. Click [Run] to start auto combat! Here is a video demo for Brawler Stars bot:


If you need any help, please contact us by email: panda.helper.com@gmail.com

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